At first, I was not really sure where to begin. I have started this blog at least 30 times in the course of a year. What do I talk about? Is this blog something that people will want to read? You know what? Yes! Even if my posts only reach a few, I will have… Continue reading Why?


How to Maintain Your Sanity While Raising “Tween” Boys

A few nights ago, I stayed up watching Avengers: Infinity War with my two oldest boys who are 11 and 12 years old. They switched between watching the movie intently to making animated comments about different scenes. My oldest filled me in on the different characters and their origins. He is VERY MUCH into superheroes,… Continue reading How to Maintain Your Sanity While Raising “Tween” Boys

Parenting with a Chronic Illness

As a parent, my biggest fear is leaving my kids without a mother. Up until last year, I had not had any significant health issues. The fear was always in the back of mind, especially as our family continued to grow. Seemingly, out of nowhere, my health prevented me from being able to work, drive,… Continue reading Parenting with a Chronic Illness

Chocolate and Me Time

I saw a funny meme online yesterday that said, "I'm currently helping my child look for their chocolates that I ate last night." I laughed because I thought about the times that I have eaten a "treat" in the middle of the night specifically bought for one of my children. He or she tucks it… Continue reading Chocolate and Me Time